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Cub Scout Camp: The Joy of It All

1278686815954447919ck7_boy6-hiScouting hit the shores of the United States more than 100 years ago. One constant event has endured. It’s the great time youth between the ages of six and sixty, or older, have at Cub Scout Camp.

Are you Wondering?

Did you think Cub Scout Camps were just for Cubs, the younger version of Scouts? If you did, you’re wrong. For as many years as I attended, Cub Scout Camp was an absolute joy for the “old” Scouts and assistants who were present.

If not for them, Cub Scout Camps would never have happened nor continue as they do today.

Arriving at Cub Scout Camp

The end of school brought summer fun. The top of my list was getting ready for Cub Scout Camp. I can still remember my first one, so long ago.

It was raining, but that didn’t stop us! The old, three-ton, flat deck dropped us off at the top of the trail. We had to hike through the muck several times to haul everything to our camping spot.

After a few trips, about forty of us had forgotten all about trying to stay dry. Our camping needs were piled high. The heavy canvas tents were erected and the air mattresses blown up. We laid out our soggy sleeping bags in the hope they would dry.

Out in the Rain

We heard our “Akela” yell, “Pack, Pack Pack,” before we had the chance to rest. With a leap and a bound, all of us young pups jumped and formed a circle around the leader of our Pack.

We didn’t stop even with rain pouring down. We began immediately learning new ideas. But our minds were on a dry spot and hot dogs for lunch.

Lunch couldn’t come soon enough, and we all ate too much. Then the best announcement ever brought us welcome news. “Rest in your tents. Let’s see if the rain will stop.”

In the Tents

Off to our tents we scurried. After a few jokes, eight young cub pups curled up and slept four to a row. Before we knew it, the restful silence was broken by the cry, “Pack, Pack, Pack! Let’s go.”

With a leap and a bound, and a few playful punches, we headed out. Eight young pups were about to learn more so we would “be prepared.”

The Life of Camp

Cub Scout Camp took on a life of its own. We did some serious learning. We ate too many hotdogs and played in too much rain. I wouldn’t have missed my time at Cub Scout Camp for the world.

It helped me appreciate when life was good. I learned a number of lessons from camp that helped me “be prepared.”

I eventually handed the torch to my son. He went with the same energy and passion I had those many years ago. He learned lessons about life that are now his responsibility to pass on to his son.

Thanks to Cub Scout Camp for helping my family and me be better prepared for life.

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