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Order of the ?

An amusing story about a dad and his distaste for a luncheon meat.  In 1971, Allen Lazenby was elected as one of Troop One’s scouts to be tapped out for Order of the Arrow, the honor camper brotherhood.  Each troop could also elect one adult scouter to be tapped out.  On Friday night of summer camp the Tap Out was held and both Allen and his dad, Olie, were tapped out.

Little did we know at the time that Olie had a very high distaste for bologna.  He would not eat bologna at home or elsewhere.  He did not hide his choice not to eat Bologna now or ever, campouts or home.bologna

Upon getting tapped out, the candidates were to return to Camp Perkins in August for what is called an “ordeal” If passed successfully, they would become an ordeal Member of the Order of the Arrow.  During the “ordeal” weekend, they would be assigned Scouting skills to pass and work projects to do while eating frugally to prove their spirit of helping others.  As luck would have it, the candidate’s meals consisted of a slice of bread and bologna.  Mr. Lazenby quietly ate his slice of bread and returned the other.  After the last ceremony, when he was awarded his white sash, we all heard about his hate for bologna.  Olie complained at us for what seemed like months after that.

We finally got him back at the next Court of Honor.  We always awarded each scout and scouter with their sash in front of all our parents and scouts.  When it came time to award Olies’s sash, we replaced it with a package of bologna tied with binder twine and placed around his neck as the “Order of the Bologna”.  I think it made him a little bit proud.

Written by Jim Hughes

May, 2016

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