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State Representative David Farabee

Buried deep in the archives of the Times Record News in Wichita Falls, Texas is a photo from September 4th, Farabee2002, of then State Representative, David Farabee. He is sitting among members of Boy Scout Troop 1 at Floral Heights. It turns out that as a young boy, David Farabee attended the same Boy Scout Troop. It helped make him better prepared for life and his position as a State Representative.

The Start

Family and Scouting started his life-long journey of public service and promoting the improvement of others. David Farabee is a person with a deep, abiding love for family and community. Recently on his Twitter Page, David posted,

“If you fail, never give up because F.A.I.L means the First Attempt In Learning. And, End is not the end. END means Effort Never Dies. What about No? NO means Next Opportunity.”

School Years

Following graduation from High School, David Farabee attended Midwestern State University. He graduated with a degree in mass communication and public relations. In 1985, he accepted a job in the insurance industry. He saw it as an “opportunity for conversation with clients.” He enjoyed that most.

The building of a Political Career

David Farabee’s father was a state senator from Wichita Falls from 1975 through 1988. In 1989 David followed his father’s political footsteps becoming a member of the Wichita Falls City Council in 1989. David survived two terms, then transitioned to the Texas House of Representatives in 1999. He served six terms, retiring in 2011.

David now sits on the Board of the Texoma Community Credit Union where he continues to promote the community and local business. He also works full time as vice-president and agent for Boley-Featherston Insurance. That’s the way he still pursues his passion for conversations with clients.

Scouting and Being Prepared

It’s amazing the number of badges and activities that support youth, such as David Farabee, and prepares them for a life of political and customer service. For example, one badge requires a Scout to understand local and State governments. Another requires a Scout to speak in public to instill confidence. There’s a badge for communications which prepares a person to better understand the nuances of communications. The list continues. More than 50 badges are available with activities to help the Scout learn new skills and be better prepared for life.


David Farabee was certainly prepared for his public life. His private life allows him to continue using his veritable list of skills each and every day. Thanks Mr. Farabee for proving the Scout motto, “Be Prepared”, is useful throughout life. As David moves into the next phase of his life, he is, without doubt, prepared.

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