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Mr. George W. Allen became Scoutmaster of Troop One on December 1, 1962. Mr. Allen owned “Allen’s Garage” on the corner of Eleventh and Indiana in downtown Wichita Falls. His son was Lynn W. Allen, who began scouting in 1960 in Troop One.

Lynn was Patrol Leader of the Bat Patrol, and he received his Eagle Award on August 19, 1964.

Lynn, his dad, and his granddad, Daniel were mechanics and worked on fixing up cars. A 1940 Ford sedan became available up in Amarillo, and they brought it to Wichita Falls. The body had to be redone completely. The engine was a flathead V-8, but also had to be completely overhauled. The three of them labored for many hours to put the Ford back in working order.

The last item was to re-paint the car. Lynn chose a new color just out from Ford which was a 1965 Mustang purple, metallic color. It turned out to be a great decision. The result was outstanding.
Not long after finishing the Ford, Troop One went on an over-night campout to Perkins Scout Camp. We planned to camp in front of Elk’s Lodge.The weather was clear. We had a group of about 25 scouts. Lynn planned to come on the campout because he wanted to drive his car to show it off to the other scouts.

That afternoon, a small group of older scouts got together to do some planning for later that evening. The scouts consisted of David Huff, Tom Hauptman, Jules Rizan, Joe Savage, and maybe one or two more.
When all turned in for the night, including Lynn, the scouts began their plan. Lynn had rigged his car with his bedroll behind the front seat and slept there. The scouts’ plan was to take boxes of Bisquick, mix with water, and apply all over Lynn’s pride and joy. Lynn slept right through their shenanigans.

You can imagine the horror on Lynn’s face the next morning. Needless to say, the older scouts were nowhere to be found that morning. They stayed at a distance to watch Lynn’s face and laugh all morning.
Lynn drove his 1940 Ford sedan down to McFarland’s spring and proceeded to wash the Bisquick off of his “bomb”.

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