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One of the fun activities our Troop played was the Snipe Hunt. This hunt took place on an overnight campout or during summer camp. The preference was during summer camp because there was more time. The hunt was designed by the older scouts to make fun of a first year camper.
The hunt usually began no earlier than 10:00 pm, and hopefully, on a dark night with little or no moonlight. There could be one or more hunters. Each hunter was given a brown paper grocery sack. If there was more than one hunter, the troop would split into groups and determine their own territory.

The pre-hunt procedure would be to blindfold the hunter, turn him around at least six times to disorient him, lead him out to the Red River, turn him around another six times, and sit him down on the sand. All of these things would be done with the least amount of sound; only the scout-in-charge could speak.

snipeThe novice hunter was told that a snipe is a small bird about 4 inches tall that runs along the ground or sand and has bright green eyes that can be seen about 100 feet away. The object of the activity was to see how many snipes he could hit over the head, pick up, and place in his sack.
The instructions for each hunter were:

Count to fifty

Remove his blindfold

Find a wooden stick about three feet long

Wait for the action.

The new scout was told that the other scouts would form a line, make as much noise as they could, and drive the snipes toward him.

As soon as the new scout was counting, the rest of the troop would quietly return to camp. They would happily wait to see how long it took the new hunter to realize he had been duped and how long until he could find his way back to camp in the dark.

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